China is considering to change RCP import regulations in 2019

China granted license for RCP imports

Last December, China granted the second import license for 2019 with 430.500 tons of scrap paper. In addition, some regulations on scrap imports are also being reviewed by China.

Two licenses of RCP import for China in 2019 totalized 5.47 million tons

Previously, on 14 December 2018, the Chinese Government granted the first batch of license with a total of 5.03 million tons to 58 companies. By 29 Decembber 2018, the country continued to grant a second batch of license for scrap paper import for the year 2019 with 430.500 tons of scrap paper.

In this second batch of license, major domestic packaging paper manufacturers were mainly supplied. Typically, the manufacturer of recycled box paper and duplex recycled paper Liansheng Paper (Longhai) was supplied with a volume of 154.120 tons. Nine Dragons Paper (Holdings) 's factories were granted a total of 61.840 tons. Long Chen Paper is granted 37.080 tons. As a result, China with both licenses has now granted RCP import licenses for 2019 totaling 5.47 million tons.

China is reviewing some import regulations

It is noteworthy that China is reviewing some regulations on importing scrap. Specifically, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of China announced that it is considering easing regulations in the import of recycled and recycled aluminum.

To summarize, this action of China shows that strict RCP import regulations may be eased and it can be considered as a recyclable resource for production. Currently, RCP is still being considered as “waste paper” by authorities.

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Source: VPPA News