Domestic paper price market by mid-January 2019

Updated paper prices by the mid-January 2019

Below is an update of domestic paper prices as of the middle of January 2019, according to the News from the Vietnam Pulp and Paper Association (VPPA).

Imports: Pulp: (BHK, BEK, Acacia, BCTMP, Fluff Pulp, NBSK, BSK): The number of imported products is 6.071, an increase of 3.2% compared to the previous week; Recovered paper: (OCC, ONP, OMG ...): Quantity imported 34.268 tons; 85.4% increase over the previous week;

Exported paper: Printing and writing paper: The number of exported 142 tons, down 18.3% compared to the previous week; Tissue paper: Export volume 1.734 tons, up 6.4% from the previous week; Packaging paper: Export volume is 10.832 tons, down 21.5% from the previous week; Paper votive paper: Export volume of 2.685 tons, down 20.7% from the previous week.

Imported paper: Newsprint: The import quantity is 987 tons, down 17.1% compared to the previous week; Writing paper: Import volume of 6.900 tons, down 6.0% from the previous week; Coated and printed paper: The quantity of imported products is 2.741 tons, 30% lower than the previous week; Paper for uncoated packaging: The number of imported 20.132 tons, up 6.1% over the previous week; Paper for coated packaging: The import quantity is 19.212 tons, up 13.0% compared to the previous week; Self-replicating paper: Quantity imported 603 tons, up 22.3% over the previous week; Cigarettes: Number of imported 296 tons, down 12.4% compared to the previous week; Background paper for producing aluminum & silver coated paper: 311 tons, up 18.7% compared to the previous week; Paper for paper bowls, plates, cups: Import volume of 535 tons, up 8.0% from the previous week; Thermal transfer paper: The number of imported 553 tons, down 7.9% compared to the previous week.

Domestic paper prices (VAT): Wrapping paper of domestic waves: Type 100-150 g / m2, rolls, selling price 10.200.000 – 11.000.000 VND / ton; Packaging paper for domestic surfaces: Type 120-150 g / m2, in rolls, priced at 11.500.000 – 11.900.000 VND / ton; Domestic printing and writing paper: Type 70 g / m2 ISO> 90 rolls, prices range from 22.000.000 – 22.400.000 VND / ton, including VAT; Domestic photocopy paper: Type A4, 70 g / m2, selling price of VND 55.000 / ram, including VAT + promotion. Domestic tissue paper: Making 2-layer towels, rolls, quantitative 15.5-17g / m2, price 28.500.000-29.500.000 VND / ton.

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Source: VPPA