Impact of Paper Market on the Carton Packaging Market of Vietnam 2018

With the strong development of the economy, the demand for packaging carton in the paper market in Vietnam is growing very strongly. Along with that, the price of Carton paper rolls rise rapidly and strongly, because Chinese traders went to Vietnam to purchase this product with high prices. Therefore, the Carton Packaging Market of Vietnam in 2018 will have many difficulties and challenges.

The development of the express delivery market

Domestic courier service has been exploited by private companies more than 10 years ago, but in recent years this service has extremely grown. According to the courier companies, demand for use of people and businesses has increased by 20-30% compared to the previous. In the past, mail delivery was the exclusive service of the Vietnam Post. At present, many express delivery companies are joining the market and making the express delivery market become more active. Private courier companies aim for better service, more value-added services (insurance quotes, delivery of cash, delivery, packing ...) good marketing, good care, high discount ... Now, when you want to send a letter or a letter, the customer has a lot more choices.

The rapid development of the courier market has prompted the development of the paper market, especially the carton paper quickly. Typically, paper and carton companies appear more and more. Paper manufacturers also have conditions to promote production due to the demand for carton paper from the delivery business.

Paper Roll Price Increases

The companies producing paper cartons and paper packaging in Vietnam are suffering from the price of paper rolls are fast and scarce, because Chinese traders to Vietnam to clean this product with high prices. Meanwhile, Vietnamese paper producers are enjoying a lot of benefits due to unprofitable production for delivery to customers, as well as goods are consumed cleanly at high prices.

"Thirst" paper from China

Many paper industry experts claim that China's supply has fallen sharply while demand has been increasing, which has led to the market dropping carton packs, which have pushed up prices recently.

According to one expert, over the past several years, the Chinese government has shut down a series of paper and pulp mills, which has dampened supply, particularly the recent closure that has taken place recently. Paper products decreased by 16 million tons.

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