Japan co-produces paper in parallel with teaching paper waste collection for Vietnam

Paper production is a growing industry in the world due to high demand in the life, the development of online shopping as well as the export sector. Japanese company Sojitz took the initiative to spend more than 10 billion yen equivalent to $ 91.2 million invested in the largest tissue paper manufacturer in Vietnam by Mr. Mai Huu Tin. Sojitz wants to lay a solid foundation in the Vietnamese manufacturing industry with a target of 18 billion yen ($ 165 million) to help businesses increase sales by 40 percent by 2022.

A corner of the factory of Saigon Paper Company
Image courtesy of baotintuc.vn

Established in 1997, Saigon Paper now has the need to increase investment capital. Sojitz is said to have sent six managers from Japan to help improve the company's financial and accounting system, while upgrading the factory's facilities.

In addition, the two sides plan to cooperate in the collection of recyclable waste from the industrial parks, logistics companies and convenience stores that this Japanese company supports.

Besides the paper brand Bless You, Saigon Paper also produces toilet paper and cardboard. The company's annual revenue is $ 100 million, with a capacity of 40,000 tonnes of consumer paper and 230,000 tonnes of industrial paper.

According to the Nikkei Asian Review, demand for cardboard in Vietnam has increased more than 10 times in the past decade, partly thanks to the increase in online shopping and the shift of textiles and electronics from China. Meanwhile, the demand for toilet paper has increased fivefold as living standards improved in light of Vietnam's GDP growth of more than 6% annually.

Also in late June, the Japan Paper Association also visited Vietnam Paper Association and Powder Association. At the conference, Japan's Recycling Paper Promotion Center, a center for waste collection and disposal, aimed at ensuring a clean environment and protecting the environment of paper, introduced briefly the models and methods of treatment. Garbage collection is being applied in Japan. Japan's methods are extremely effective. According to statistics, 99% of paper in Japan after collection is recycled and reused as new paper.

It is clear that Japan is the leading country in the knowledge sector. The effective implementation of the collection and recycling activities of the Japan Paper Recycling Promotion Center will help a large extent in the policy of recycling paper in Vietnam. Because, in fact, in Vietnam we still have to import large quantities of economically inefficient recycled paper that pollute the environment.

It can be said that Japan is a country ahead of many countries in the awareness as well as effective implementation of paper collection activities, so in the role of Chairman of the German he hoped the Japan Paper Recycling Promotion Center The brochure provides more information so that VPPA can advise state agencies on the development of paper recycling policies.

In addition, at the meeting VPPA proposed to be supported by the Japan Paper Association in connection with the export business of recycled paper of Japan; As well as supporting the members of the Association can participate in training, learning experience on paper collection and recycling, thereby reducing the amount of recycled paper imports.

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Source: baotintuc.vn