Packaging paper market in the beginning of 12/2018

Packaging paper market in the beginning of 12/2018 – Source:

The impact of the Chinese market and the China-US trade war made RCP prices in most Asian countries decrease in early December. The following information reveals local paper market updated to this month.

Domestic paper market in the beginning of December 2018

According to Vietnam Association of Pulp and Paper (VPPA), while pulp import decreased, export of packaging paper saw a slight increase. Details are as below:

For import: Pulp (BHK, BEK, Acacia, BCTMP, Fluff Pulp, NBSK, BSK) imported 6.913 tons, down 1.9% over the previous week; Recovered paper: (OCC, ONP, OMG ...) imported 43.101 tons, down 18.6% from the previous week;

For paper export: Printing and writing export: Export volume of 212 tons, down 50.6% compared to the previous week; Tissue: Export volume of 689 tons, down 33.1% compared to the previous week. Meanwhile, exports of packaging paper: Export volume of 8,029 tons, up 8.2% last week; Yellow paper: Export volume of 3,542 tons, up 31.8% compared to the previous week;

For import paper: Newsprint: Import volume of 983 tons, down 12.2% over the previous week; Printed paper: Import volume of 7.031 tons, up 7.5% compared with the previous week; Printed and coated paper: Import volume of 3.783 tons, up 9.8% from the previous week; Tissue: Import volum of 562 tons, up 70.3% over the previous week; Packaging paper: Import volume of 20.135 tons, up 14.3% over the previous week; Self-replicated paper: 297 tons imported, down 7.4% compared to the previous week; Tobacco cigarettes: 319 tons imported, up 4.9% compared with the previous week; Aluminum coated paper & Silver Coated Paper: Import volume of 462 tons, down 7.2% compared to last week; Paper production of bowls, plates, paper cups: 634 tons imported, up 4.1% compared to the previous week. Heat transfer paper: imported volume of 603 tons, decreasing by 1.3% compared to the previous week.

The impact of the trade war on the RCP in Asia

RCP prices in Asian countries (excluding China) have also experienced a continuous decline over the time. This is supposed to be the impact of the Chinese market, the US-China trade war, China's RCP import regulations and the export of paper and paper products to China from other Asian countries reducing.

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Source: VPPA News