In recent years, Vietnam's paper industry has been developing strongly, meeting the increasing demands of consumers. One of the new trends of the paper industry is producing low-density paper. Low-density printing paper is highly porous, lightweight, low volume, natural whiteness, and is environmentally friendly. In order to meet the demand for producing low-dumpling paper, the Institute of Paper Industry and Cellua Industry has implemented the topic "Completing technology and equipment producing low-specific printed paper". The topic has achieved important results, contributing to the sustainable development of Vietnam's paper industry.

The trend of using low-specific print paper:

Today, Vietnamese consumers are increasingly interested in cultural paper products that are beneficial to health and environmentally friendly. Low-density printing paper with highly porous, lightweight, low volume, and natural whiteness meets this demand.

Low-density paper is a paper with lower density than conventional paper, often used in printing books. The raw materials for producing low-density paper are often used mainly as mechanical powder such as grinding wood pulp, BCMP powder, BCTMP powder, APMP powder, and part of bleaching chemical powder.

In addition to raw materials, factors that directly affect the quality of low-volume paper also have accessories, fillers, and grinding modes.

Researching the technology of producing low-density printing paper:

In 2017, the Paper Industry and Cellulino Institute was assigned by the Ministry of Industry and Trade to implement the topic "Researching the technology of producing low-volume printed paper" with the goal of establishing the process of producing low-volume printed paper technology for printing books.

Results: The research has established and controlled the technology of producing low-volume printed paper, testing similarly to the products imported as follows:

- Quantitative: 59.2g/m2

- White level: 73%ISO

- Turbidity: 91.3%

- Index should: 11

- Tensile strength index (vertical): 40.7n.m/g

- Tear durability index (vertical): 4.4mn.m2/g

- Bendtsen roughness: 525ml/minute

However, the quality of the product is still not as stable as dust, the properties of the two sides are even, but it is rough, so when printing the image is not uneven and clear, some steps on the Xeo machine are not suitable. Therefore, in order to be able to produce mass and deploy on a large scale, it is necessary to improve the technology and production equipment.

Completing technology and equipment producing low-specific printed paper:

Paper Industry and Cellua Industry Institute, along with the topic of TS. Cao Van Son has studied "Perfecting technology and equipment producing low-volume printed paper" with the goal of perfecting the technology and equipment producing low-volume printed paper with a capacity of 3 tons/ day; Producing 200 tons of low-specific printed paper meets quality criteria according to the standard: specific volume of 90%; The property properties achieved TCVN 6886: 2001, Grade C.

The production process takes place smoothly thanks to the use of synchronous lines, and continuous operation. Switching from the production of similar products to the production of low-density paper products also happened smoothly and stable, with very little or almost no waste.

The results of paper quality analysis with low density in the third production phase have been more stable and higher than the second phase. Due to the much more synchronization and efficiency of the equipment line compared to the Pilot line of the Institute. This raises that technology transfer to production units is an extremely feasible option.

After the implementation period, the project has achieved the following results:

- Research and complete the process of producing printing paper with low density for the project product.

- Designing and completing the low-specific printing paper production line with a capacity of 3 tons/day at the Center for Experimental Production - Institute of Paper Industry and Cellate.

- Successful training of 2 technical staff and 9 workers, helping them to master the process of producing printed paper with low density.

- Successful production of 4 products, with a total volume of 212.87 tons of paper and the quality meets the requirements.

Low-density printing paper is a new product and has many outstanding advantages compared to conventional printing paper. The improvement of low-specific printing technologies and equipment will contribute to the needs of consumers and improve the competitiveness of Vietnamese paper products in the market.

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