The pioneering enterprise to change packaging to recycled paper

Asanzo pioneers to change to recycled paper packaging

Asanzo Electric Group is a pioneering enterprise to switch to using recycled paper instead of plastic packaging in all products such as television, telephone, household goods.

Mr. Pham Van Tam, Chairman of Asanzo, said the conversion of plastic packaging for packaging products into recycled paper is in line with the strategy of sustainable development and environmental protection. The products used in new packaging paper will hit the market right in the middle of April. According to Mr. Tam: "Recycled paper absorbs moisture, is handy, decomposes quickly and can protect the environment, so why don’t we do it?"

Since 2013, most of Asanzo's products such as television, telephone and household goods have been packaged in plastic bags. Each product has at least four attached plastic bags to wrap products, controllers, wires, foot soles ... Each month, the company spends nearly 100 million dong for about one ton of packaging for about 300.000 products to the market. Conversely, if recycled paper is used, packaging costs increase up to 30% but in return can contribute to environmental protection, minimizing the harmful effects of plastic bags when released naturally.

Mr. Vu Minh Ly, Deputy Director of the Center for Natural Resources and Environment Communication (Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment) said that the move to recycled paper packaging would be effective for Asanzo products since it contains good moisture compared to nylon. Besides, another option is to use bio-plastic with materials from corn flour, bagasse or cassava flour, capable of completely decomposing.

"Asanzo is the first enterprise in the consumer goods industry to commit to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to use paper products, especially environmentally friendly recycled paper to replace plastic used in packaging products", said Mr. Ly.

Representatives of the Center for Natural Resources and Environment Communication shared, if the consumer goods industry like Asanzo joined in responding to specific and effective solutions, it would bring positive results for the reduction of plastic waste in Vietnam, bringing good environmental impacts because nylon companies put on the market large quantity every day. It takes thousands of years for plastic bags to decompose while recycled paper and nylon made from only 60-day biological materials can be completely decomposed and do not affect the environment because of the nature of plants.

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