The Vietnamese industrial paper packaging production industry is growing rapidly, meeting the growing needs of the market. However, businesses in the industry still face many challenges in improving production efficiency, reducing costs, and saving energy. To address these issues, the application of technical and management solutions is essential. These solutions help businesses improve product quality, reduce the consumption of raw materials and energy, thereby saving costs and increasing profits.

Development of the Paper Industry in Vietnam and Challenges in the Northern Region

According to the Institute of Paper and Cellulose Technology, the Vietnam Paper Industry Development Plan states: "Developing the Vietnamese paper industry in a sustainable direction linked to the task of environmental protection; applying advanced technology to improve product quality, reduce the consumption of raw materials, energy, improve the competitiveness of enterprises and products, focus on building a number of national brands with paper and pulp products to compete effectively in the process of economic integration."

The Vietnamese paper packaging industry has potential and prospects. However, investment projects are mainly in the southern region, using old technology, semi-automatic operation, and poor product quality control. As a result, it is difficult to control the production process, and the product quality is not stable. The ability of small and medium-sized paper packaging factories in Vietnam to access advanced technology is still limited compared to the region and the world, such as water and air emissions from production processes affecting the environment due to lack of effective treatment technology, the recycling rate of waste paper is still low due to lack of technology for collecting and sorting recycled paper. The exploitation and use of raw materials, including secondary sources such as waste paper, have not been effective due to a lack of optimal technology.

Technical and Management Solutions to Improve Paper Packaging Packaging Production Efficiency

The Institute of Paper and Cellulose Technology has researched, proposed, and applied many technical and management solutions to improve efficiency and save raw materials at small-scale industrial paper packaging factories.

Technical solutions:

- Improve the production technology of testliner paper and pulp grinding conditions

- Use new equipment for disc thickening; add wastewater treatment machine

- Explore chemical compounds to increase water resistance, save water

- How to insulate steam pipes, effective environmental treatment

Management solutions:

- Optimally classify raw materials for each product line

- Form product quality inspection standards

- Manage the operation of machinery and equipment effectively

In terms of technology, 7 successful solutions have been applied, such as: Separating medium fibers as the surface layer of testliner paper, using disc-shaped thickening instead of inclined mesh, adding T2D tail separation screen, applying a combination of surface-waterproof glue and AKD to increase water resistance, using cooling water for sealing, insulating steam pipes to save energy.

In terms of management, the applied solutions include product quality inspection process, analysis guidance, and optimal machine operation process. Thanks to this, businesses have achieved higher efficiency in saving raw materials and increasing production capacity.

Benefits of Applying Technology and Management in the Paper Industry

The initial results show that the solutions applied have brought clear benefits to businesses:

- In terms of production costs: The application of medium fiber separation technology, combined with grinding conditions, disc thickening has helped to reduce costs by 305,712 VND/ton. Specifically, the cost of color and water-resistant chemicals decreased by 23,220 VND and 14,400 VND/ton of product, respectively.

- In terms of energy saving: Applying T2D tail discharge screen, insulating steam pipes, using cooling, and sealing water helps to reduce 44,231 VND/ton of energy costs.

- Management solutions help to manage production more conveniently, classify products from the beginning, reduce machine downtime, improve productivity, stability, and product quality.

The application of effective technical and management solutions brings many benefits to the Vietnamese paper packaging production industry in terms of reducing costs and saving energy. Through research and practical application of optimization solutions at many factories, it has brought high efficiency in reducing the cost of raw materials, chemicals, and saving electricity, water in the process of producing paper packaging. At the same time, the quality of production management is improved, thereby increasing labor productivity. Continuing to research and apply advanced technology to production management is the inevitable trend of the Vietnamese paper packaging industry, contributing to optimizing input costs and improving production efficiency.


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